Best of Phoenix

Hey, Cupcake: Stephanie and Lindsay Esparza

From Magnolia Bakery in New York City to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills (and, soon, Scottsdale), gourmet cupcakes are the nation's sweetest dessert fad. But until earlier this year, the Valley hadn't caught on to the trend. So when sisters Stephanie and Lindsay Esparza, originally from Orange County, decided to open a business together, dealing in the sweet treats seemed like a no-brainer. After consulting with a pastry chef friend back in California, they came up with 18 original, top-secret recipes (including one vegan cupcake) and opened up shop in Scottsdale's upscale Hilton Village shopping center. They've sold out of cupcakes almost every day since they opened their doors. Though the sisters face some competition with other cupcake shops opening around the Valley, they say they aren't worried — they view a little sweet competition as a good thing.

Stephanie Esparza

When I’m stuck in traffic, I let my head clear and reflect upon the day.

On Saturday night, you’ll find me with my boyfriend, or at happy hour with my girlfriends.

My favorite thing about Phoenix is the monsoons.

If I could redo my first kiss, I’d change the boy it was with.

The one dessert I refuse to eat is cheesecake.

In high school, I was the life of the party.

In a past life, I was a dog.

Lindsay Esparza

When I’m stuck in traffic, I sing to music; talk on the phone.

One thing my mother doesn’t know about me is nothing. She's my best friend.

The one dessert I refuse to eat is flan.

If I was mayor of Phoenix, I’d create an air-conditioned dome over the city.

The one place in Phoenix I don’t want anyone to know about is my favorite restaurant, Cowboy Ciao. It's crowded enough!

On my nightstand, you’ll find a few memorable pictures, an alarm clock.

One thing I want to do before I die is travel the world, help save people from poverty.

The best thing about Phoenix is it's growing and becoming more like my hometown.