Best of Phoenix

Burn, Baby: Angela Zydek

As the energy force behind the year-old gay bar Burn, Angela Zydek spends her days zipping around town in her white convertible Mercedes and her nights covered in body paint to promote the downtown Phoenix club, or serving bottles of champagne in Burn's VIP cabanas. The perfect combo of party girl and business woman, Zydek runs her club smart. Instead of focusing only on the traditional gay community, she promotes weekly events — like Friday's French Kiss — that cater to everyone. And her energy is infectious. There's absolutely no way to be in a bad mood around her.

I arrived in Phoenix in September 2006 with three suitcases for a four-week stay. I never left.

When I’m stuck in traffic, I do the same thing I do when I drive, text too much.

One thing my mother doesn’t know about me is nothing, really. She pretty much knows it all and if given the chance she will tell you what I won't.

On Saturday night you can find me at Burn.

My favorite thing about summer in Phoenix is pool parties — organized ones, impromptu ones . . .

If I could redo my first kiss, I’d kiss no one. I would never redo my first kiss. It was perfect, on the top of a Ferris wheel with someone really cute.

The one dessert I refuse to eat is cheesecake.

If I was mayor of Phoenix, I’d run the light rail until 2:30 a.m.

In high school, I was the kid whose mom let everyone stay over when they were fighting with their parents. My house was like a crazy hotel of sorts — we were always taking in strays of some sort. It's good to learn to share (even when you don't have much to share, you know).

In another life, I was myself. I think we get more than one life.

On my nightstand, you’ll find my computer.

The fictional character I’m most like is Curious George.

One thing I want to do before I die is work with the group that started the Abandoned Children's Center in Africa.

The best thing about Phoenix is the loyalty within the various scenes; watching the amazing growth spurt; the support we've received at Burn; and the dance floor at Glam.