Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's "Friends of Russell," and Brent Ellsworth's Vivisection of RP

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There's a not-so-fine line between chutzpah and shamelessness, and those familiar with disgraced, recalled former state Senate President Russell Pearce know that Pearce long ago barreled past that line, deep into the weeds of total indifference to the niceties of civilization.

Yet more evidence of Pearce's rude, crude and socially unacceptable behavior comes to us via Mesa lawyer Brent Ellsworth in his essay "The Case Against Russell Pearce." A former Pearce supporter who's seen the light, Ellsworth methodically vivisects Pearce's career, while endorsing nice-guy businessman Bob Worsley, Pearce's rival in the Legislative District 25 GOP primary for state Senate.

Pearce has always had trouble with endorsements, fake ones and real ones, biting him where the sun don't shine. And the "Friends of Pearce" page on Pearce's campaign website is part of this pattern. I've discussed in the past how Pearce has dead people listed on this page, and how if you endorse Pearce, you essentially endorse him for life.

See, ol' Russ doesn't bother with asking folks if he can use their names, as was the case when he just assumed Republican Congressman David Schweikert had given him his nod, when he hadn't. (Pearce finally asked for it, and Schweikert acquiesced.)

Ellsworth had his own experience as an F.O.R. during last year's historic recall election, which Pearce lost to newcomer Jerry Lewis by a whopping 12 points. The attorney relates this story in a section of his essay titled, "Perpetual Endorsement."