Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Flunky John Kavanagh Defends Retroactive, Unconstitutional Recall Bill

Republican state Representative John Kavanagh and a pig's intestine share one significant characteristic, and, no, it's not elasticity.

Rather, they're both full of it.

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Kavanagh knows he's full of it and doesn't care. Take, for instance, his lame, dissembling rationale for adding an amendment making retroactive to the beginning of this year, an already-unconstitutional bill run by his pal, Representative Steve Smith.

Smith's House Bill 2282, one the Pinal County GOPer pimped unsuccessfully in the last session, would create a "recall primary," for any pending recall election.

Thing is, the recall is part of the Arizona Constitution, so any such change would have to be referred to the ballot as a proposed constitutional amendment, on which we the people could vote up or down.

But neither Smith nor Kavanagh give a fat tick about the rights of the people in this state.