Feathered Bastard

Orly Taitz and KFYI's J.D. Hayworth, Wacko Birthers of a Feather

If you require any further proof that the so-called birthers, the conservanut conspiracy tards who believe President Barack Obama is an illegal alien, are complete and utter wackos, look no further than California attorney Orly Taitz, her recent implosion on MSNBC, and her dissemination of a fake Kenyan birth certificate for the POTUS.

Taitz was recently a guest on the afternoon talk-radio show of Phoenix birther J.D. Hayworth, the former Congressman and right-wing clown who has been pushing this birther nonsense since before Obama was elected. Orly's visit on July 15 made for the eighth show Hayworth's done on the issue since October 24, 2008. He may have done more, but, alas, KFYI, the station Hayworth calls home, only keeps so many podcasts of Hayworth's show on its Web site.

Hayworth had on Taitz before she went berserk on MSNBC (see the video above), and before she began posting a fraudulent Kenyan birth certificate for Obama. The document was quickly determined to be a forged instrument based on the real birth certificate of Australian man David Bomford. Despite this, Taitz still has the fake Kenyan birth certificate on her Web site.  

On Hayworth's July 15 broadcast, the doofus, hick lip-flapper enthused about how he'd scored an interview with Taitz, and generally treated the Zsa Zsa Gabor-wannabe as if she were doing the Lord's work. Hayworth called Taitz a "legal crusader," even though her crusade has been more twisted than a pack of Red Vines. Taitz went on to accuse President Obama of "namely committing fraud," with no rebuttal of any kind from J.D.

Taitz insisted that all Obama has revealed is a "computer image" of his birth certificate, though last year, before being elected, the Obama camp allowed the scribes at Factcheck.org to inspect and photograph Obama's "Certification of Live Birth" at several angles, showing the raised seal and the official stamp on the back of the doc.

Finally, after her long, blithering tirade on the subject of Obama's supposedly hidden birth certificate, Taitz said it didn't really matter what Obama's Hawaiin birth certificate shows, because he's still illegitimate due to the fact that his dad wasn't an American citizen.

"He really needs to go," Taitz told Hayworth of Obama, "regardless of where he was born."

Talk about moving the goal post. First the birthers claim Obama was not born on U.S. soil, then they concede he may have been, but that still doesn't make him a "natural born citizen" in their eyes. Then they go the distance and produce a fake Kenyan birth certificate, which they claim is their smoking gun. What an obscene joke.

Liberals are currently calling for the head of CNN's Lou Dobbs for signing onto a conspiracy that's been berated and debunked by conservative spokespersons and sources such as National Review, Ann Coulter, Mike Huckabee, Karl Rove, and on and on. Coulter has even gone so far as to call the birthers "cranks," which may make the first and last time in the history of the world that Dems have ever wanted to high-five this Republican party doll.

And yet, local nutbars like Hayworth and the squirrelly Linda Bentley at the Sonoran News just can't let it go. Ultimately, isn't it obvious that these unbalanced twaddlers are motivated by a far-right ideology, and by their rage at a black Democrat being elected President of the United States?

Some fans of Hayworth have suggested to me that Hayworth doesn't really believe this birther nonsense, but that it's red meat for his conservatard audience. Either way, Hayworth is morally liable for promoting this unpatriotic tripe. Take note local Democrats, and keep a record of Hayworth's shows on this subject. Should he campaign for anything in the future, it might be nice to run a split screen of Hayworth the Hayseed with his fellow birther and crackpot pal Orly Taitz.

(BTW, Salon's Alex Koppelman has compiled a step-by-step refutation of the major birther lies that you can use against them next time one of these idiots starts mouthing off about Obama's grandma or long form birth certificates. Check it out, here.)