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Arizona's Vote Count vs. California's, and Maricopa County Has 109,000 85,300 66,550 Ballots Left

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Maricopa County has 109,000 ballots remaining, according to the latest update from County Recorder Helen Purcell: 12,000 of those are early ballots, 97,000 are provisionals

Statewide, there are 135,140 ballots left. Those not in Maricopa County are in Pima County, as you can see above.

Friday marked the 10th day following the election, a soft deadline for the counties to be done verifying their provisional ballots to be tabulated.

But as I reported Thursday, SOS Ken Bennett has already indicated that counties can take more time to ensure that all votes are counted.

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Though I understand the anxiety, there has never really been a risk of the remaining votes not being processed. In one recent blog, I noted that in 2008, Arizona's vote count went 15 days past election day.

There was even an Arizona Corporation Commission race in 2008 that went down to the wire because of the grueling count.

Many Democrats, progressives, Latino activists, and even less-liberal observers, have fumed at Arizona's slow vote count.

Anger, frustration and outrage boiled over into protests and vigils outside the county recorder's office in Phoenix. Folks have complained of long lines, not receiving their early ballots, and of having to vote provisionally at county polling places.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow recently charged Arizona with holding a "botched election," one that was "broken on purpose."

Bloggers have referred to it as Arizona's elections "debacle," the Arizona Republic's Laurie Roberts called the Grand Canyon State "the Florida of elections."

Is Arizona the slowest state when it comes to counting ballots? Many critics have noted that Florida's final unofficial tally wrapped up last week, while Arizonans are still waiting.

WSVN-TV 's report on Broward County ballots found in a warehouse

But Florida's election has been no cakewalk. Miami Dade's WSVN Channel 7 recently reported that Broward County discovered almost 1,000 uncounted ballots in a storage facility.

The report states that each Broward ballot was five pages in length, and it describes long lines at Florida polls.

"Last Tuesday, close to 800,000 people voted in Broward County, some waited in lines for four to five and sometimes six hours," states the online write-up of the report above.

Florida was the butt of many jokes when its unofficial count in the presidential election came in four days late.

Um, that's right, four.

"[T]he nation held Florida in ridicule, wondering why we can't get our election act together," read one article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Hey, Florida, Arizona feels your pain.

And then some.