Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Cares About "the Kids" in Ironic New Campaign Ad

Gee, Joe, thanks for the reminder that you left more than 400 sex crime victims in the lurch

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That Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He's against animal husbandry. You know, the kind you find on Craigslist. And he's all about protecting "the kids." Unless they're one of the hundreds of sex crimes victims the MCSO ignored in El Mirage. Then they can go pound sand.

In this latest campaign commercial, which Channel 3 reports is part of a $60K ad buy, Grampa Joe touts his supposed record in going after deadbeat parents.

Hey, what about deadbeat sheriffs, who swipe $100 million from taxpayer protected funds to pay for the harassment of brown people and political enemies, while ignoring their law enforcement duty to go after pedophiles and pederasts? Why aren't these scummy sheriffs being arrested?

Think Joe's errand boy Chad Willems had this ad in mind when he paid for Joe's above