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Arizona Secretary of State Reports 631,000 Ballots Uncounted (w/Updates)

The Arizona Secretary of State is reporting that "as of Thursday afternoon, there are an estimated 631,274 early and provisional ballots" yet to be processed statewide.

Seems some counties, like Mohave and Yavapai, didn't report their numbers yesterday.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the SOS's totals do not include the update made as of yesterday to Maricopa County's totals. A county's totals are usually the most accurate for that county. The SOS gets its numbers from the county.

Nor does this new total include today's update from the Maricopa County's recorder's Office, which we should receive any time now.

SOS spokesperson Matt Roberts explained that he had not received an update yesterday from county elections, so the SOS total does not reflect the current numbers from the largest county in the state.

He did say that the number should go down from today on, though, as more ballots are counted.