Feathered Bastard

Bill Montgomery Skewered in Puente March, SANE Defends Monty

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery took it on the chin Monday, as about 120 demonstrators protesting Monty's discriminatory policies toward undocumented workers marched more than 3.5 miles from Steele Indian School Park to Montgomery's offices in the county administration building in downtown Phoenix.

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Organized by the local human rights group Puente, protesters carried signs calling for an end to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's immigrant-hunting raids on employers, and demanding that the Obama administration stop all deportations, pending the passage of comprehensive immigration reform.

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They also carried signs comparing to apartheid the county attorney's practice of charging undocumented workers so as to hold them nonbondable, thereby almost guaranteeing their eventual deportations upon conviction.

Pro-immigration activists incorporated Monty and his sinister policies into their chants, with, "Arrest Montgomery, not the people," and "Stop the raids, drop the charges."

After they reached the county building, two activists unfurled a banner that read "Montgomery is racist," from a parking structure directly across the street.

Montgomery's defenders, the counter-protesters, were the sort who normally defend Arpaio: Grizzled motorcycle-huggers from Riders USA, screamin' Teabagger Art "El Tudy" Olivas with bullhorn in tow, alleged lesbian-transsexual-nativist Lynne Stevens, plus a few other oddballs wearing NRA caps and bearing signs that read "Remember 1986."

You know, as in the Reagan amnesty.