Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's "Anchor Baby" Bills Pulled from Agenda, but Don't Get Your Hopes Up

The bigoted bills state Senate president Russell Pearce has been pushing to undermine the birthright citizenship provision of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution -- SB 1308 and 1309 -- have been pulled from the agenda for the Senate Appropriations Committee, for now.

As you'll recall, these bills were before the Senate Judiciary Committee on February 7, but Chairman Ron Gould held the bills because he didn't have the votes to get them out with a do-pass recommendation.

Pearce reassigned them to the Appropriations Committee, where the going's expected to be easier. Yet, as you can see, here, they've been struck from the list of bills to be heard tomorrow, February 15.

Could it be that GOPers in the legislature are feeling the pressure? Are the little kids showing up to speak against the bills at hearings taking their toll? Have local Republinuts been swayed to reason by the ADL's recent condemnation of these attempts to gut the 14th Amendment?

Not a chance, Portnoy. According to liberal stalwart, state Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who sits on both Judiciary and Appropriations and who gave the Republinuts hell in Judiciary on 1308 and 1309 a week ago, the bills have been held until Governor Jan Brewer's pending "jobs" legislation has been addressed.

Brewer just called a special session to deal with her proposals (mostly tax cuts), and this will tie up things for next couple of days.

Sinema texted me the following, even as she was fighting some more insane Rupublinut bills in the Judiciary Committee.

"The Governor asked [Appropriations Chairman Andy] Biggs to hold the bills until next week," she said. "So all the attention is on her `jobs' bill."

Senator Sinema also indicated that Biggs was concerned about scheduling, as a lot of time will be taken up by the governor's proposals. He was concerned there wouldn't be enough time for a lengthy debate on the 14th Amendment.

She also texted that, "Appropriations gets an extra week to hear bills, so it's no biggie to delay a week."

And, most disappointingly, Sinema stated that the Republicans "have the votes to pass it out of Appropriations."

So the battle has just been put on pause. With Pearce as Senate president, it's unlikely SB 1308 and 1309 will be dying premature deaths.

All the same, the fight against these bills must be fierce and unforgiving. I know Sinema will continue to do her part.

Those of like mind should remain vigilant. As Republican Senator Adam Driggs proved in Judicary last week with his critique of both SB 1308 and 1309, not all GOPers are in Pearce's camp on this one.