Feathered Bastard

Sorry, Republitards, If the National Enquirer's Right about Sarah Palin, It's Fair Game.

What's fair for John Edwards should also be fair for Sarah Palin...

Glenn Beck just can't leave poor ol' John Edwards alone. Seems like every time I tune into the wing-nut lip-flapper, he's pummeling the Edwards stallion like the story of the pol's infidelity broke yesterday, bewailing how the MSM sat on the story while the National Enquirer spewed far and wide the tale of Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter, outing their suspected, but still unproven, love child. Yet, those mean old, liberal MSMers are all over Sarah Palin like maggots on week-old road kill.

Thing is, Becky's harping on the Edwards case, and the comparison to Palin, makes for a double-edged blade. That's because the National Enquirer floated a rumor having to do with Palin in the edition of the rag still on the stands, and it's likely not one Becky will be fond of, if it turns out to be true.

"Sarah Palin's Dark Secrets!" screams the header over a pic of Old Man McCain and Palin. In it, there's a quick rehash of Wootengate or Troopergate -- the scandal currently being investigated by an Alaska legislature-appointed legal beagle that features Palin's firing of the public safety commissioner Walter Monegan, reputedly because he wouldn't fire Palin's redneck in-law from the state troopers. The piece also alleges that Palin was frantically working to get her preggers daughter Bristol hitched to Bristol's baby-daddy Levi Johnston before news of the pregnancy popped in the press.

But the really salacious stuff has to do with the National Enquirer reporting on an alleged Palin affair with a business partner of her hubby Todd. The Enquirer keeps the tale vague and square in the zone of speculation, without mentioning the name of the other party. The source is anonymous, and the only quote concerning the allegation is attributed to "an enemy."

Sounds like mooseshit, eh? But then, this is the rag that exposed the Edwards cheating scandal, a scandal conservatives ate up the way Rush Limbaugh used to down OxyContin. If I had a dime for every time some Republitard site reproduced that most unflattering photo of Rielle Hunter with her hair looking like a rat's nest, I could finally afford the Eliot Spitzer treatment at the local house of ill repute.

What I'm saying is that if Palin's alleged peccadilloes pan out, they're as much fair game as every one of Bill Clinton's bimbo eruptions was for right-wing haters back in the day. Actually, we don't even have to go back that far. Check all the cheap smears and prevarications in Jerome Corsi's book The Obama Nation, the endless twisting of every nuance from Obama's life into something sinister, the long list of inaccuracies as compiled by the Obama campaign in the document Unfit for Publication. Christ, Corsi even gets the well-documented date of Obama's marriage wrong, and still Corsi is interviewed on wing-nut radio as if he were an expert on the Democratic presidential nominee.

And Palin-drones like Becky want the left to lay off the Wackjob from Wasilla's bio and record?

CBS News has reported that the McCain camp has threatened legal action against the Enquirer, stating that, "The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Gov. Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false." However, the Huffington Post has reported that the Enquirer is promising continued coverage of Palin and the topic. (The upcoming edition of the tabloid, part of which is online now, contains allegations about drug use amongst some of the Palin kids, also by anonymous sources.).

Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal's Michael Phillips reported on how a Palin aide's extramarital affair may have been the reason behind his firing, despite his stellar job performance. If this guy's relationship with a pal of Palin's became the grounds for his sacking, then Palin cannot dodge the scrutiny when the magnifying glass turns on her.

The right wants liberals to lay back and have this creepy Republikook shoved down our throats as Veep when we know that McCain's older than a redwood and could croak in office, leaving us with this PTA renegade on steroids as leader of the free world. As far as how the Dems and liberals play, I say, if the Republicans bring bricks and bats, bring a bazooka. Don't chump out like back in 2000 or 2004. Sure, Obama can't touch this stuff, but his surrogates? Let this be your Golden Rule: If roles were reversed, WWKRD? That is, "What would Karl Rove do?"