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Sleep Dealer Director Alex Rivera To Appear in Tempe for Fundraiser Screening

The film Sleep Dealer, showing Saturday at Madcap Theaters in a benefit for Puente/Tonatierra

The future might look something like director Alex Rivera's dystopian sci-fi flick Sleep Dealer if the nativists get their way. In it, an impenetrable wall guards the southern border, and workers on the Mexican side slave away in high-tech maquiladoras, where their labor is transferred electronically to first world industries that they will never see.

Or so goes the synopsis for the film on its Web site. Rivera's vision has won him plaudits from the New York Times and Wired Magazine, among others. It's also scored him prizes at the Sundance Film Festival and elsewhere. 

This Saturday, August 7, Rivera will be at Tempe's Madcap Theaters for an exclusive showing of his film that will benefit Puente, the civil rights organization headed up by Salvador Reza, and its sister organization Tonatierra.

Tickets are $10, and the screening begins at 6 p.m. You'll find Madcap Theaters located at 730 South Mill Ave @ University Drive in Tempe. See ya there.