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Joe Arpaio's Racial Profiling Case Costs County Over $1 Million So Far, with More to Come

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's legal beagle Tim Casey has indicated that the sheriff's office will appeal federal Judge G. Murray Snow's recent decision, wherein Snow found the MCSO guilty of racial profiling and ordered it to stop.

Considering the payday Casey's firm Schmitt Schneck Smyth Casey & Even, P.C. has scored by defending biased policing in Melendres v. Arpaio, I can't say I blame him.

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According to Maricopa County, Casey's firm has billed $945,205.96 in Melendres.

Nearly a million clams. Not bad for losing.

Actually, the damage is a little higher, as the firm Ogletree Deakins worked on the case at one time, and billed $80,035.50.

That's a total of $1,025,241.46 that the county's ponied up for the case.