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Russell Pearce's New Nemesis: Republican Robert Worsley (w/Update)

Recalled state Senate President Russell Pearce has just encountered his first major obstacle in his revenge campaign for state Senate from Legislative District 25: Republican businessman Robert Worsley.

Today, the wealthy Mesa executive has announced that he'll be Pearce's rival in the Republican primary for LD 25, effectively upstaging Pearce's planned announcement tonight at a meeting of the Red Mountain Tea Party in Mesa.

Worsley is the guy who developed the lucrative SkyMall catalog, which you've no doubt encountered if you've taken an airplane trip in the last couple of decades. 

SkyMall was sold in 2001, and Worsley then became President, CEO and Chairman of Renegy Holdings, Inc., an innovative biomass fuels company, which converts waste and wood chips into clean energy.  According to his LinkedIn profile, Worsley is currently the CEO of the "land, minerals, and renewable energy company" NZ Legacy.

The entrance of Worsley into the race will be a nightmare for the nativist hatemonger Pearce. 

Worsley is a straight arrow, a former Eagle Scout and scoutmaster with a degree in accounting from Brigham Young University. And Worsley, like Pearce, is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a significant factor considering the influence of the church in the East Valley.

However, unlike Pearce, Worsley has held a leadership position in the church. He's been the president of a 150-member Hispanic branch for the last seven years. And in contrast to the primary pimp of Arizona's breathing-while-brown law Senate Bill 1070, Worsley does not hate on his Latino brothers and sisters