Feathered Bastard

Bill Montgomery's Victims in New Video and the Indictment of the SANE Plan

Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19:14

Watching Dennis Gilman's new video of Wednesday's protest against Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's systemic over-charging of undocumented workers, one is struck not only with the injustice of keeping Sara Blanco and her sisters from their mother, their grandmother and their grandfather, but also with the realization that injustice is too weak a word to describe this scenario.

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What would you call a policy that treats undocumented Latinos differently from underage ASU attendees who have essentially committed the same crime?

Unfair, discriminatory, bigoted, odious. All of these things and more.

What about a policy that needlessly separates children from their parents, that stacks multiple counts of forgery and ID theft against the parents in order to make them nonbondabe, to coerce guilty pleas, and to ensure their deportations?

Sick, ruthless, Kafka-esque.

How would you describe a policy that makes children like these cry, that inflicts upon them the unique mental anguish of knowing your parents are hardworking, decent people, yet are being treated worse in stir even than some admitted killers?

What about the terror you have seared into their innocent brains for all time, along with the sight of their mother in stripes and shackles, hit with nine felony counts, all because she was driven to help provide for her family and give her children a better life?