Feathered Bastard

Tom Horne's Alleged Mistress Carmen Chenal Resigns Post as Assistant Attorney General

No doubt Attorney General Tom Horne and anyone who wants to see him re-elected in 2014 (read: his staff) is elated by the news that Horne's alleged squeeze, Assistant Attorney General Carmen Chenal, has put in her notice and will be leaving her position come July 5.

Where to? Apparently, she has been hired by the firm of Wilenchik and Bartness, headed up by none other than Dennis Wilenchik, onetime attack schnauzer and special prosecutor for disbarred, disgraced County Attorney Andy Thomas.

I've put in a call for confirmation and comment to Wilenchik's office. Heaven't heard back yet. However, the AG public information officer Stephanie Grisham has informed me that Chenal will be going to Wilenchik's firm.