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Russell Pearce's Ban Amnesty Now's Haters, and PoliticoMafioso's Anti-Pearce Top Ten

When recalled state Senate President Russell Pearce's Ban Amnesty Now announced a "buy-cott" of New Times' advertisers, I quipped that it was like being boycotted by the Ku Klux Klan. An exaggeration, to be sure, but not by as much as you might think.

Take for example the comments of BAN supporters to a YouTube video of nativist lobbyist William Gheen of the North Carolina-based group Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (aka, ALIPAC). In it, Gheen goes on a three-minute rant about illegal immigration, apparently before a panel at the Tar Heel State's legislature.

The video is introduced on BAN's Facebook page with this statement

"William Gheen, good friend from our grassroots ally ALIPAC, stands tall as illegal aliens actually LAUGH when he discusses those killed by illegal aliens."

Well, first off, you can't hear anyone laughing in the video, though Gheen accuses someone of chuckling as he mentions "those that have been killed by illegal immigration in this state." 

But even if someone did chuckle at Gheen's raving, how would he or BAN know that it was an "illegal immigrant" who did so? Do they know "illegal immigrants" on sight?

Gheen offers no sources for his stats, and about halfway through his diatribe, he goes off on a Biblical tangent, referring to people "coming up here to mock the Bible and Christianity." 

I'm guessing someone may have used a quote from scripture to bolster the concept of compassion for the undocumented. 

Compassion? Come on, that Jesus fella didn't mean for that love thy neighbor stuff to apply to them thar illegals, did he?

More instructive than Gheen's tirade are the comments on BAN's Facebook page to the posting, many of which border on self-parody. 

For example, there's a conspiratorial musing from Patricia Jahner about, "Radicl Isamics [sic] coming over the border." 

Commenter George Hill joins in on the tinfoil-hattery with the claim that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez maintains a training camp to "teach middle east types how to `pass' as Hisapanic [sic]."

Which reminds me of that old Woody Allen crack from Annie Hall: "I have to go now...because I'm due back on planet Earth."