Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's Leprechaun Rob Haney Flips Out, Invalidates LD 25 Election, Calls the Coppers

I wish I'd been at the November 29 meeting of Legislative District 25 Republicans for the election of new officers and state committee-persons. All the haters were there, and the haters had their asses handed to them when their pro-hater slate, for the most part, went down in flames.

Which is the main reason Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Rob "Wild Man" Haney has now invalidated that election (with the assistance of his cronies).

This, following the spectacle of Haney's melt-down the evening of the LD 25 election, wherein, according to several sources, he claimed "fraud" was afoot and threatened to sic Sheriff Joe Arpaio on all the RiNOs (i.e., non-crazy GOPers) he believed responsible.

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Indeed, this past Sunday, after an "investigation" into five, supposedly forged nominating questionnaires, wherein people self-nominate themselves for the GOP state committee, Haney and his committee of Sherlocks issued a statement to LD 25 PCs, informing them that "enough irregularities existed to invalidate the election," and that a full-on witch hunt will now commence.

"[T]he Committee found enough suspicious activity to involve law enforcement," the message states. "The County Attorney was contacted, and per his recommendation, the evidence found by the Committee will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency for further investigation."

I'm told that more than 150 state committee slots are at stake. These state committee persons will get to vote at the Republican state committee meeting in January, where the party's statewide leadership will be chosen.