Feathered Bastard

Anti-Vaccine Ron Paul Insaniacs (aka, "Ronulans") Rousted by Phoenix PD, and Man Could I Care Less

Well, at least they weren't using old bedsheets this time around

Normally, I could give a flip if someone hangs a banner off a freeway overpass. But these Ron Paul-worshipping hosers so annoy me with their conspiracy-a-minute mills and their wack, home-made signs spouting the nonsense that "vaccines equal poison" that I was somewhat amused by this video by the Ronulans at RP 4409 (a YouTube site pimped heavily by Freedom's Phoenix, home to that P.T. Barnum of political thought, pistol-packin' militia apologist Ernie Hancock). Here we have two officer friendlies from the Phoenix PD telling the anti-evolutionary agitprop-ers to be on their way. But the libertards want to discuss their nutty libertarian religion, wherein they worship some antique Ross Perot-wannabe from the 14th Congressional District of Texas.

Why do they so revere this perennial loser Paul, you may ask? Because Lyndon LaRouche is just too dang cerebral. No one knows what the hell that fella's sayin', what with all them quotes from Descartes and Kant. Now, Dr. Paul, he usually sticks to monosyllables, so they grok him just fine.

Plus, with Paul, they get to make cool signs out of their old bedsheets and hang them from freeway overpasses. Talk about recycling -- you can't get more green than that. No bedsheets in this video, though. Looks like butcher paper. The Ronulans must've splurged. 

I checked the Phoenix municipal code, and Section 3-6 may apply, as it prohibits "the distribution of posters, cards, signs, handbills, placards and other notices generally." But like I say, I'm pro-graffiti, so even if there is a law that applies, the issue becomes how to not get caught. Like many a goofy ofay, the goofy ofays in this video wanna argue with the coppers. And that's after the bulls wanna cut 'em loose!

Do you think some brown kid hanging from his knees upside down and tagging that overpass is going to get the kid-glove treatment? Okay, hanging a sign from an overpass is less permanent, but, then, graff is a little safer because the wind ain't gonna blow it over some dude's windshield or motorcycle or whatever. In any case, if they had the courage of their bourgeois convictions, they'd be willing to be arrested for what they believe. 

Finally, as to the content of the sign, what the heck is wrong with people these days? The Ronulans and the disciples of Alex Jones, American blowhard, are anti-vaccine because many of these tards believe this is some mad plot to rid the planet of much of its population so the Lizard People, and the Bilderbergers, and the Illuminati can better control the planet.

WTF? I mean, wouldn't it be a lot simpler for the Masters of the Universe to horde the supplies of vaccine for all the world's diseases and flu epidemics, so the Great Unwashed will drop like flies, and the ubermenschen will be left with all the gold bullion and stockpiled foodstuffs? Um, at least, that's the plan we were all talking about the last time I was up at Bohemian Grove, running around half-nekkid and bowing down to the Big Owl.

Moon-barker Alex Jones, giving us all some free medical advice

I could point you toward the Centers for Disease Control, or recite hundreds years of history where lowbrow oafs have continually opposed vaccination despite its successes. (When's the last time you heard of someone having smallpox or polio?) But I'd rather you just try to sit through this Alex Jones rant about vaccines. (I love it when he waves his hands. Hi-larious.) Because if you can get through all eleven minutes of this swill, and you still buy his down-with-vaccines hooey, you're too far gone to save, and we'll be shipping you off the forced-labor FEMA camps very, very soon now.