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United for a Sovereign America's Racist Anti-Obama Images, and Its Plan to Terrorize Kids at Today's Children's March (w/Update)

The KKK-wannabes over at ex-KIA dealer Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America have really outdone themselves this time. Not only have they announced their intention to be at Sal Reza's children's march Friday in order to intimidate and likely harass Hispanic children. They have also posted a racist image of President Barack Obama, calling him "Uncle Sambo," with a seal featuring the kerchiefed head of Michelle Obama, advertising the "Aunt Jemima Breakfast Club."

This crude piece of racial humor, reminiscent of the sort of bigoted literature that was commonplace toward African-Americans in the 1950s, is probably the work of U.S.A. member Buffalo Rick Galeener, convicted public urinator and unapologetic race-warrior. Galeener's Web site is filled with similar humor, and T-shirts and other clothing bearing images he's designed. These include slogans such as, "Undocumented Illegal Alien Hunter," and, "My Back Is Still Wet," which is ostensibly for Mexicans to wear. Such is Galeener's lame, unfunny attempt at a joke, in any case.

(I say it's "probably" Galeener's work because the rest of the anti-Obama poster is filled with his graphics. However, perhaps he borrowed the Obama image from somewhere else. And I suppose there's the off chance that some other knuckledragger at U.S.A. acquired Galeener's art, made a poster out of it in his style, added the "Sambo" image, and so on. But Occam's razor suggests a less complicated explanation.)

Galeener is a deeply paranoid and hate-filled old man who blames all of his failings and his wasted life on the undocumented. Like many U.S.A. members, he is usually heavily armed and belligerent, hoping for the perceived provocation that will allow him to shoot someone. During the incident last year where he urinated in public, not far from the Macehualli Day Labor Center, he exposed himself to a two-year old boy, according to the Phoenix police incident report.

Hopefully, the Phoenix Police Department, which reportedly will have officers at Friday's children's walk, will keep Galeener and his fellow extremist nativists far from the little ones. They are an angry and potentially violent group, one that has allowed neo-Nazis and other white supremacists into their ranks previously.

It's also important to note that what U.S.A.'s low-brow, racist agit-prop is opposing as the United States' "own SS," is just a blog post from the White House asking people to e-mail the disinformation zipping around on the Internet about health care reform, so the Obama administration can counter the lies with a little reality. Does Buffalo Rick really think this is equivalent to the Schutzstaffel mowing down Jews during WWII? This is how deeply deranged members of United for a Sovereign America are, and it is one reason why they are so dangerous. More dangerous, actually, than our local contingent of neo-Nazis.

Thanks to Dennis Gilman for tipping me off about this latest U.S.A. outrage. It wouldn't surprise me if U.S.A. rips this one down as soon as they see my blog post. They've done that in the past with xenophobic and racist filth they've posted to their site. But I have screenshots and printouts. Even if they pull it down like the cowards they are, I already have this additional proof of their prejudice and ignorance.

UPDATE 8/9/09: As I predicted, the nudniks over at United for a Sovereign America have caved and removed the prejudiced agit-prop they had up of Obama as "President Sambo" and Michelle Obama as Aunt Jemima in a kerchief. They've now replaced it with an equally offensive image of Obama in an SS uniform, which they've cadged off some other Web site.

I don't know what could be more offensive to Jewish folks than comparing the President of the United States to an SS officer. The Nazi regime murdered an estimated 6 million Jews. How many individuals -- Jewish or otherwise -- have been murdered by the Obama administration? That answer would be ZERO.

The members of U.S.A. are so mentally challenged that they continue to embarass themselves by using cliched ethnic and racial references, offending first all African-Americans, then all Jews -- and previous to both groups, all Hispanics. No one should have any illusions about the pseudo Klan of Sand Land. They are a collection of vicious hate-mongers, who have even less credibility -- believe it or not -- than Cactus Country neo-Nazis.

(Please note: In the case of the Obama/Gestapo image, U.S.A. appropriated an offensive image from elsewhere. In the case of the Sambo image, I believe they created it themselves. That Sambo image was not credited, as is the Gestapo image. And the Sambo piece seems to be in the same style of U.S.A. member Buffalo Rick Galeener, who has created other such imagery for himself and for U.S.A. I attended John Shadegg's Saturday, August 8 Town Hall on health care, and Buffalo was there, bearing a sign with the Obama caricature, minus the Sambo reference and the picture of Michelle Obama as Aunt Jemima.)