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Russell Pearce-Conqueror Jerry Lewis Endorsed by Eddie Basha, Paul Johnson; Democratic Lies Denounced

Democrats-turned-Independents Eddie Basha of the Bashas' grocery chain and former Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson have endorsed Republican state Senator Jerry Lewis for the Legislative District 26 Senate seat, over Lewis' Democratic foil, state Representative Ed Ableser.

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Johnson and Basha joined Republican businessman Dick Foreman in placing their names on a letter lauding Lewis and denouncing the lies coming from the Democrats in LD 26 and from an independent expenditure committee targeting Lewis for defeat.

"With Lewis' support and leadership," reads the letter, "state lawmakers increased funding to K-12 schools by over $60 million and strengthened state support for ASU...

"In spite of his success in increasing funding for our public schools and ASU, Senator Lewis has been the target of malicious and deceitful attacks by independent groups making false and ridiculous claims about his record. We strongly urge Tempe voters to get the facts and reject these misleading and false attacks against Senator Lewis."

Read the entire letter praising Lewis from Basha, Foreman and Johnson.

In robocalls, mailers, online ads, and in the personal comments of some local Dems, Lewis has been accused of being a "Tea Party puppet," of "endorsing Russell Pearce," of "telling lies" about Ableser, and of having "led the charge" to make massive cuts to education.