Feathered Bastard

Jan Brewer Target of Democratic Party's 28 Days Later Parody

The Arizona Democratic Party has joined the legions of geeks parodying director Danny Boyle's 2002 post-apocalyptic horror flick 28 Days Later with this YouTube video envisioning the aftermath of Governor Jan Brewer's reign.

The analogy works pretty well, as Brewer's recent Clean Elections Debate performance was definitely zombie-like. I suppose the "rage" virus in this calculation would be hatred of Mexicans, which has turned way too many GOPers into undead-like insaniacs.

All that's needed here is Jan Brewer, state GOP chair Randy Pullen, and state Senator Russell Pearce chasing non-zombies down Central Avenue, lusting for blood. Kudos to the Dems on this one. And nice production value, too.