Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Recall: A Chance to Prove the Pundits Wrong

What was the most fun for me as a columnist during the recall of ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce -- other than watching Pearce crash and burn?

That nearly all the pundits in Arizona ended up being as wrong as white shoes after Labor Day.

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Remember, Pearce was at the zenith of his power in early 2011, a righter-than-right-wing wanna-be John Wayne, in his stomping grounds, the deeply conservative Legislative District 18.

He had just been re-elected by a healthy margin, and had ascended to the state Senate presidency following his legislative triumph the year prior with Senate Bill 1070.

Other politicians feared him. And he was wildly popular with the rabid Republican base in this state.

Which is why almost everyone in the local press corps thought the effort to oust him from office was "doomed," to borrow a word used by the Arizona Republic's Laurie Roberts this week to describe the current recall effort against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.