Feathered Bastard

Pro-Shawna Forde Site Pimped by Laine Lawless, Mexican Flag Burner Extraordinaire

Just when you think the nativists have sunk to a new low, they limbo right down into the gutter a little lower. In this case, it's our old pal, Wiccan wackjob Laine Lawless (real name, Roberta Dill), known for her love of the bullwhip, her lesbian fanfiction featuring Lucy Lawless, and her penchant for barbecuing the Mexican tricolor, all of which I chronicled in a February 2007 feature about Lawless entitled, "Burn, Baby, Burn!"

Seems Lawless, whom I last saw at Holocaust denier and virulent anti-Semite David Irving's book-signing in Phoenix, is among the few nativist brown-bashers willing to stand up for Shawna Forde, the minutewoman alleged to have murdered a nine year-old girl and her pop in Arivaca during a home-invasion robbery gone bad. According to the Arizona Daily Star, Lawless and United for a Sovereign America member John Lyon are behind the new Web site, JusticeforShawnaForde.com.

"I'm tired of women getting screwed over by men in this movement," Lawless told the Arizona Daily Star regarding her support of the accused kid-killer. "Nobody in the Minuteman movement except for me is willing to talk to her."

The site features a vigorous defense of Forde, with a quote from Forde asserting her innocence, and instructions on how to donate to her commissary account and complain about her treatment to the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

The Daily Star also quotes Forde-follower Lyon as stating that Phoenix New Times inspired the Web site, with a July cover story by scribe Rick Anderson that Lyon regarded as exploitative. Anderson wrote the story first for New Times' sister paper, the Seattle Weekly, with his piece focusing on Forde's disturbing past in Washington state.

"They exploited her for her race, her sex and her political affiliations," Lyon told the Daily Star, adding that in the media, "everybody else is protected, but white people are fair game."

Gee, wonder what color Mr. Lyon is? Not that it matters, of course.

I'm not normally down for exploitation, but I'll make an exception for Forde if she's convicted and catches the death-penalty. Indeed, I'll be hoping to one day exploit her death by lethal injection or cyanide gas, should her case ever get that far.

But, hey, maybe Shawna Forde's as innocent as the virgin snow. Well, minus the virgin part, at least. Anderson recounts in his story how Forde turned tricks back in the day before she became the founder of Minuteman American Defense. Thing is, once upon a time, she didn't care too much about race, at least not when it came to a paying customer.