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Joe Arpaio at 50.74 Percent; Maricopa County Has 34,450 Votes Left

Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell is reporting that, after today's count of outstanding ballots, 34,450 remain, 34,000 of them provisionals, and 450 of them earlies.

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"We have completed the verification of all of the provisional ballots," Purcell stated in a press release Monday afternoon. "And the balance of what is left will be on tomorrow's report, which will include those ballots that need additional research, our Braille ballots, and our large print ballots."

Sheriff-for-Life Joe Arapio continues to hold on to a bare majority of the votes counted in his race, with 50.74 percent of the vote, or a 6.09 point lead over his Democratic rival, former Phoenix Police Sergeant Paul Penzone.

ARPAIO 674,530 50.74 PENZONE 593,505 44.65 STAUFFER 61,292 4.61

That 6.09 lead may seem substantial, but it's a close shave by Arpaio standards, the closest he's had in recent memory. In 2008, Arpaio scored 55 percent to Democrat Dan Saban's 42 percent, a 13-point landslide.

Take asinine Republican-turned-Independent Arpaio-stooge Mike Stauffer out of the current equation, add his numbers to Penzone's, and you'll see how far Arpaio's fallen in the esteem of the electorate.

The anti-Arpaio vote now stands at 49.26 percent: 1.48 points or 19,733 votes behind Arpaio.

Yeah, the pro-Arpaio vote's won the day, practically by one of Arpaio's nasty gray nose hairs. The remaining ballots counted likely will narrow the spread further.

Still, these results give you an indication of the public's widespread dissatisfaction with Arpaio's performance as sheriff.

Arpaio blew $7,177,756.36 on getting re-elected to his sixth term in office. As of today, that's $10.64 for each ballot cast.

Personally, I think this helps make the case for a recall of Joe, though there are many factors involved, and I don't think any group should try unless they believe they're going to have the organization and the funding to score the signatures needed.

But if they can make it happen, well, party on, Garth.