Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's Ruin Caused in Part by Citizens for a Better Arizona

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Monday, I watched a ballot box get stuffed. Legally.

I was over at the Third Avenue and Roosevelt Street office of the Maricopa County Recorder, hangin' with about ten canvassers for Moving Mesa Forward, the independent expenditure group funded by Citizens for a Better Arizona, which in 2011 made the recall of ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce a reality.

CBA co-founder Randy Parraz, along with some folks who worked on the recall last year and a few new faces, were dropping off election gold: about 200 early voter ballots recently gathered by Parraz's anti-Pearce soldiers.

"Most of these are what we call `garbage ballots,'" Parraz informed me. "That means they were just sitting in someone's house, ready to be tossed in the garbage."

Maybe a ballot's owner had forgotten about his or her ballot, or was not intending to vote. Working off a list of such persons, a volunteer or a paid canvasser makes an appearance at a voter's door, encouraging the individual to fill out the ballot, and offering to deliver it to county elections.

Many people do just that. Often they've been signed up by Parraz's group to the county's Permanent Early Voter List, or PEVL. Maybe they got a call from someone at Mesa headquarters for MMF, asking them if they'd mailed their ballot or wanted someone to pick it up.