Feathered Bastard

Online captives Alessandra Soler Meetze, Dylan Avery and Alex Jones set free in virtual dinghy by local 9/11 kooks! Will Holocaust denier Eric Williams go down with the ship?

So whose idea was it to put a Holocaust denier in charge?

Looks like convicted felon Kent "Cow Killer" Knudson, the "chief cook" of the 9/11 deniers' conference in Chandler, has finally removed the names and pics of those who've bailed on his sinking ship of a symposium. At last, Kent surrendered today, taking down AZ ACLU director Alessandra Soler Meetze's pic, bio and name from his "Confirmed Speakers" roster, over a week after she pulled out. And Dylan Avery, his production company, and uber-moonbat Alex Jones have also been deleted. Ouch, we know that hurts, Kent. The biggest draws in your event -- gone, finito, amscrayed! Now you're left with real winners like former LaRouche-ite Webster Tarpley, local libertarian gasbag Ernie Hancock, Wisconsin Muslim-prof Kevin "I Swear I'm not a Holocaust-denier" Barrett, and assorted other fruitcakes.

Moreover for $129, there's no food?! Get this quote from Knudson's conference schedule, "Meals are not included in the conference fee. We strongly encourage everyone to use these breaks as an opportunity to network !!" What, no coffee and danish, even? Sheesh, what cheapskates! For $129 we have to brown bag it?

Of course, who knows, maybe attendees will get to chat with Holocaust denier Eric Williams, author of the The Puzzle of the Holocaust. See, as I and the keyboard commandos of ScrewLooseChange have pointed out before, Williams' name is still on the Vendor page, even though 911Accountability.org claims he's no longer a part of the conference. Who are we to believe -- their Web page, or their Web page? Read this from the Vendor page:

There will be room for 32 spaces on a first-come/first-serve basis, consisting of anywhere from one to five 6' skirted and draped tables with one to two chairs per booth. You will find a copy of the basic floor plan below. Please contact myself, Eric D. Williams, to secure your location. If you prefer a table in the hallway near registration, please contact me.

Will Williams be there in a wig? I can't wait to find out...