Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio, Richard Malley, Robert Crooks, Harry Hughes and Rusty Childress' New Nativist Group "Remember 1986"

The extent to which the media rolls over for Sheriff Joe Arpaio never ceases to astound.

Take Joe's recent comments following an August 17 incident in the desert, where Glendale resident and self-identifying "militia minuteman" Richard Malley allegedly pointed an AR-15 at an MCSO deputy.

The incident is described in the probable cause form (see below) for Malley's arrest for aggravated assault, which also indicates that Malley, 49, lives with his mother.

Additionally, the box indicating whether Malley is employed is unchecked,

Malley's out on bail. Ironically, cleaning ladies busted by Sheriff Joe's deputies for working while undocumented can't make bail, due to Arizona's Prop 100 and overcharging by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's office. But that's another story.