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Jackie Robinson's Daughter To Wear Somos America's White-Ribbon

Somos America, a Phoenix-based pro-immigrant group, has gained the first high-profile name for its white-ribbon campaign, which encourages players and fans to don a symbol of opposition to Senate Bill 1070 during Tuesday's Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Chase Field.

Jackie Robinson's daughter, Sharon, who will be at the All-Star Game, plans to wear one of Somos' white ribbons in protest of Arizona's breathing-while-brown law. This, because she is "totally opposed to the legislation," she explained to the New York Times.

Robinson's participation is significant because her father was the first African-American to break the color line and play in the major leagues, helping to end segregation in the sport.

Also, famed civil rights leader Jesse Jackson is urging All-Star players to speak out against Arizona's immigration law.

"I think they should play, and they should speak out, which would be of value," Reverend Jackson told the Associated Press.

After Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 into law many pro-immigrant groups petitioned MLB commissioner Bud Selig to move the game.

When Selig refused to change the venue, some groups urged fans to boycott the Midsummer Classic.

Somos America was one of those groups that initially planned to boycott the event. But it has recently switched tactics and is now asking All-Stars and baseball enthusiasts to wear a white ribbon instead.

Puente, a local human-rights group, has stayed with the boycott plan and will be demonstrating during the game.

"We're preparing for the big show," Sal Reza told New Times.

Somos America member Leticia de la Vara says her organization has not confirmed if any of the actual All-Stars will wear a white ribbon.

"What we've been told by the [MLB] Players Association that the ball players are free to make whatever statement they want to [regarding] 1070," she explained.

If any of the players wear the ribbon or skip the game, it will be a major PR victory for pro-immigrant activists. Only Tuesday will tell.