Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce Freaks Out in the Bunker in Downfall Spoof

Think Pearce will laugh? Yeah, probably not

My good friend Dennis Gilman was kind enough to upload this delicious new parody for me of the much-spoofed "raving fuhrer" scene from the 2004 German film Downfall, starring Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler.

Long have I dreamed of having one of these Downfall spoofs made with recalled state Senate President Russell Pearce in the starring role. And now my dream is reality. Thank you, Yahweh! 

It will be a pity if ol' Russ chickens out and decides not to meet fellow Republican Bob Worsley on the field of battle (aka, Legislative District 25). Think of all the fun we could've had doing parodies like this through August, ending with Pearce being crushed yet again by a political neophyte.

The rumor is Pearce falls on his sword Monday sometime. (Pearce has denied all to several in the media.) Apparently, Pearce's former pals at Highgound provided the sword. 

However, if Pearce's pet anaconda Constantin Querard gets his way, maybe these reports of Pearce's political demise will prove premature.

The best thing about it is, either way, I win. If Pearce drops out of the GOP primary for state Senate, then I helped drive him from power in the first place by mercilessly berating Pearce in print long before doing so was cool. (Even the Republic's on that bandwagon these days.)

But if Pearce stubbornly stays in a race he's destined to lose, I get to slap him around verbally for a few more months. As Jackie Gleason was wont to say, "Mmmmm-hmmm-hmmm, how sweet it is."