Feathered Bastard

No Credit for College Hotties

This Tempe 12 squalie earns an A+, though not all do.

OK, so this is basically a made-up controversy that would hardly be worth blogging about if it were not for all the hot chicks involved. Seems the owners of Tempe 12, a business that produces calendars of college wenches in bikinis applied to the ASU Hugh Downs School of Communications to be an ASU internship sponsor. Their request was denied by Prof. Michael Hinson, because, according to Hinson, the Tempe 12 website sponsors a link to a term-paper writing service called FastPapers.com, which Hinson says amounts to a tacit endorsement of plagiarism. Hinson told me he has no problem with the content of Tempe 12's product or website, and did not deny Tempe 12 just because they've got loads of slammin' coed pics on their site.

Shortly after Hinson denied Tempe 12, Tempe 12's owners sent out an e-mail to everyone in the media saying they'd been "blackballed from Arizona State University's Internship program." Hinson only oversees the internship program for the School of Communications, so this is not exactly accurate. The Tempe 12 owners seem to believe that Hinson denied them because of rumors that they make their employees participate in a "beer breakfast." They say they don't do this. (Too bad, sounds pretty cool.) Hinson in turn claims that a "beer breakfast" had nothing to do with Tempe 12 being rejected.

The non-existent beer breakfast aside, Hinson seems to have a legitimate reason for rejecting Tempe 12 based on the whole FastPapers.com thing. If you click on the link, you find out that Tempe 12 visitors receive 10% off the cost of their term paper. When I spoke to Tempe 12 co-owner Ben Leis, he initially defended FastPapers, saying, "That's a legitimate company," and that these term papers were only supposed to be guides for the student. Come on, Ben, I wasn't born last Tuesday in the pumpkin patch. ASU administrators do have reps for being prudes, but when it comes to something like this, they have a right to say no. Not that I personally give a roadrunner's fart whether or not any college student cheats. I just don't care. But I can see why an ASU professor would be concerned about it. I mean, it is their job.

Moreover, I think it's pathetic to market yourselves as this balls-out Animal House kind of company, and then cry like little bitches when a state university doesn't accept you with open arms. Fuck ASU, doods. What do you care if you're in their friggin' internship plan or not? Is it one of your buddies who's applying for the internship, trying to get college credit for it? That's the only thing I can figure.

I will give you points on your website. There are some fine dimes in there, far better than in your actual calendar, which I have to say, has a few "butter faces." You know, like, everything's hot, "but her face." Just stick to perfecting your product, bros, since there's some perfecting to do. One day you'll be gazillionaires, and Hinson will likely still be a Professor. So why worry?