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Bill Montgomery's Shame: Mom Risks Deportation Because of MCAO Felony

In this video by Puente, Ivon's goodness should be self-evident to all but those with the meanest of spirits

Let's be honest, Anglos in Arizona would starve if there were no undocumented persons here to prepare our food.

Or harvest it from the fields.

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If you eat out, you benefit from undocumented labor. It could be a sushi restaurant, a greasy spoon, a taco joint, a Korean barbecue, you name it.

If food's being prepared commercially for consumption, it's likely there are undocumented workers involved, as preppers, cooks, bus boys, servers, hostesses.

Which is why restaurants are such popular targets for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's clowns in brown. It's easy pickin's for these lazy lawmen, who could care less about the owners, as long as they can grab all the low-hanging fruit they can get.

Last week it was America's Taco Shop, where 11 were nabbed for working for a living.

Two years ago, it was Pei Wei, a dog and pony show of an operation, a waste of money and resources, all so Arpaio could strut in front of the Pei Wei at Glendale Ave. and 7th Street, and act like he'd just, somehow, made us all safer.