Feathered Bastard

Jan Brewer Wants to "Live in America," and So Do the Grass "Ruts"

Brewer declares her desire to live in America, 4:24 in. (Psst, so do "illegals," Jan)

When you're Governor Jan "We have did" Brewer, how do you top yourself on the gaffe-meter following that September 1 brain freeze during the Channel 8 debate? The reality is, with a flub like that, there's nowhere to go but up.

Even the recent revelation that the Guv hearts scotch or wine or Everclear or whatever it was she was sucking down back in 1988 that caused her to fail four field sobriety tests is kinda endearing. Just like Ben Quayle's sordid scribblings for The Dirty.com

'Cause porn and booze are cool, dudes. Stupidity, not so much. But if the AZ Dems were so durn smart by comparison, they wouldn't be faced with eradication in less than 24 hours.

So the fact that Jan Brewer wants to "live in America," and pronounces "roots" like a hillbilly, that's just no biggie here in Sand Land.

"We want to live in America!" Jan tells the Ahwatukee-ans about 4:24 in. "We want our Arizona back! We want our freedom!"   

You know, freedom from intelligence, reason, common sense, compassion, prudence, racial harmony, ethnic diversity, fiscal responsibility and modern dentistry.

Actually, wrong-way Jan is right again. Because if there's one thing I agree with her on, it's that Arizona is not America. 'Specially not America in the 21st Century.