Feathered Bastard

More local neo-Nazis and such: Fritz Berg, Dana Arnold, and Jerry Harbin, with color commentary by "Shawn Hughes," aka, Scott Hume!

Local NSM rep Scott Hume, alias, "Shawn Hughes" at one of the Pruitt's protests in December.

Well, NSM-PHX acting unit leader Scott Hume (alias "Shawn Hughes") has jerked most of his stuff off the Web since last week's post "Another neo-Nazi in the nativist woodpile," but much of it lives on in cache files, like his Scott's Super Site. Someone sent me the above pic of Shawn/Scott at the Pruitt's protests. As you can see from this image originally from Scott's Super Site, it's the same dood:

There's also a Scott's Super Site YouTube video to boot! I have to admit, despite his ideology, the guy does have a fairly mellifluous voice. Click twice to make it play.

Guess he's jerked this one too, after I posted it here. Talk about an admission...

Regarding some of Shawn/Scott's buds, I found the following video of the 2006 neo-Nazi Winterfest event held in Phoenix posted on this Web site podblanc.com, "a media outlet specifically tailored to White Interests, White Culture, and White Politics around the globe." It was posted by "Mrs. J. Curnow." That's likely the wife of Jesse Curnow, Arizona Coordinator for the white supremacist Nationalist Coalition.

Podblanc is nice enough to offer the video's embed code, so you can watch it below. You may have to click twice again to get the video to start.

The old guy in the beginning is local Holocaust denier Friedrich Paul "Fritz" Berg, who has a thoroughly vile Web site of lies called nazigassings.com. The podium-pounder later on in glasses is Canadian fascist Paul Fromm. There's also Dana Arnold, aka "Noble Son," strummin' on the guitar, and Jerry Harbin, the old kook in the eyepatch dressed as "Odin."

Thanks to the magic of Google cache we have some color commentary of the event from none other than Shawn Hughes, aka "azshawn," aka, Scott Hume, posted to the stormfront.org site back then.

I'm intrigued by this description of Hitler-lover Verohnika Clark, who is not in the video: Like Berg, Verohnika Clark is of our race's intelligencia. Ms. Clark has two Associate degrees, the first in diesel mechanics, and the second in Liberal Arts Studies and Global Political Science (Magna Cum Laude) from California State University at San Marcos. She is also an ASE Certified Automotive Technician. Her websites are "The Adolph Hitler Research Society" (www.adolphhitlerresearchsociety.org) [apparently now http://www.hitlerresearch.org/], and the second touching on her topic of the evening, "Hitler's Christianity" (www.hitlerschristianity.org) .

"Adolph Hitler was a very good revisionist Christian," Clark explained. The research of Clark and other like-minded historians, leads to the idea that Hitler embraced a "positive Christianity" which tolerated paganism and other indigenous folk religions, but eschewed the "materialistic Bolshevism" of the Jewish ethos in which 'man is god.'

Yeah, Hitler "eschewed" the Jewish ethos so much he killed 6 million of 'em.

There are a couple of pics of her on her site, and she looks kinda hot, though a real nutter, to judge from her writings. Check this sample:

My current standing: Clinton...probable. I sort of liked her emotion. Hitler cried too, on a few occasions. Expression of emotion is a sign of healthiness and self-awareness, no matter how misguided it may be. People call her Hitlery...I kinda like that idea. I can only hope its truthful. Obama...possible. I don’t like his tax ideas or his position on Al-Qaeda, but he seems to be very racial in his outlook. Edwards...very probable. His socialism is quite appealing. Paul...the best choice of all, but probably will not make the nomination, so, probably not simply because of that. We’ll see. Romney...no way. After getting a load of this man’s haughty smirk and his coming to the defense of the ass-licking corporations, I say “lick my gash, Mitt.”

Huckabee...probable. He seems to be a good guy with high morals. I got to thinking today, and that is never a good thing...I think I am going to say that Israel has my go ahead to attack Iran. I’m tired of fighting it and quite frankly, I would like to see if the Jews can actually pull it off. Call me curious. I’m just tired of trying to fight Jewry. Believe me when I say that I understand why Hitler ended up sort of “founding” the state of Israel. My gawd, they wear you down

Wild, wacky stuff...You'll have to pardon me, Verohnika, but I'm due back on the planet Earth now...On the other hand, if you ever wanna meet up, I might be willing to don a Speedo with Adolf's mug on it for some bedroom Olympics. Hi-yoooooooo!