Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio's Pink Underwear Torn to Shreds in Hilarious New Video from CPLE

CPLE scores with this animated skewering of Sheriff Joe

Citizens for Professional Law Enforcement, the bi-partisan group headed by Democratic Arizona state Representative Ruben Gallego and Republican operative Carlos Sierra, have just released the hilarious, blistering animated video above, which takes Sheriff Joe Arpaio to task for his unnatural obsession with what his prisoners wear under their striped pajamas.

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The video is the work of Brian Nissen, a local maestro of political comedy, known for his gut-busting spoofs of recalled, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce's campaign shenanigans, featuring the characters Dwain Polk and his twin brother Dwite, both played by Nissen.

Gallego tells me the group is currently hustling to raise enough money to run this gem on local cable, with fundraisers in the works for Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California.

"We'd like to do TV ads and mailers," he told me. "But we'll use the methods best to skin the cat."

Those interested in helping the cause can donate at the group's Web site, citizensforprofessionallawenforcement.org.