Feathered Bastard

Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready Runs for Pinal County Sheriff as a Democrat (w/Update)

He supports legalizing marijuana, considers himself a civil libertarian, has had nice things to say about the Occupy movement, and recently filed paperwork in Pinal County to run for Sheriff as a Democrat.

One little speed bump: He also happens to be the best known neo-Nazi in Arizona and has referred to Adolf Hitler as a "great white civil rights leader."

I'm speaking, of course, of J.T. Ready, notorious for his affiliations with the National Socialist Movement (he's no longer an official member, but still marches with them), his one-time friendship with Sand Land's biggest bigot, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, and his ongoing armed patrols in the desert, during which he's turned over drugs, dead bodies and suspected illegal immigrants to the U.S. Border Patrol. 

Currently, Ready has a "J.T. Ready for Sheriff" Facebook site, with photos showing him campaigning in Pinal County, sidling up to a pretty African-American woman, posing with a shotgun as he hunts "narco-terrorists in the desert night," and, my favorite, doing a black-power fist salute in front of a sign for a Malcolm X Street, apparently in Coolidge, Arizona.

His entry for the last of these bears repeating:

"As part of our exploratory committee for Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona- the Chairman and I visit a Black neighborhood to better understand the concerns of the people and how to utilize their help in combating Mexican drug cartels. Seems how we have an official Malcolm X street sign, one of my priorities will be to add a George Lincoln Rockwell sign as well."

Rockwell, in case you don't know, was the infamous fuhrer of the American Nazi Party, assassinated in 1967 by a disgruntled stormtrooper.

Ready's committee "chairman"? According to paperwork Ready submitted to the Pinal County Elections Department, that's active NSM member Harry Hughes, a resident of Maricopa, Arizona, who recently scored some press for local swastika-lickers by distributing racist fliers in the San Tan Valley.