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Joe Arpaio's Spin Forgets Kris Kobach, Dennis Gilman Reminds Him in New Video

In this new video from videographer Dennis Gilman, Gilman calls Deputy County Attorney Tom Liddy on the spin that the MCSO racially profiled Latinos because that's what U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement taught the MCSO to do.

Joe Arpaio Blames Feds for MCSO's Racial Profiling, and Why He's Full of It

It's a pretty lame excuse, and has zero use in court, but the MCSO must think it sounds good on TV. Like, "Sure, I set that house on fire, officer, but that's what my hoodlum pals taught me to do."

Gilman grills Arpaio attorney Tom Liddy on the MCSO's excuse for racial profiling

It also ignores the fact, as I've pointed out previously, that the MCSO's 287g field authority to conduct immigration investigations was jerked by the feds in 2009.

After that, Arpaio brought in nativist attorney Kris Kobach to "train" all 900 of his deputies in immigration law.

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Kobach, now Secretary of State for Kansas, is one of the authors of Arizona's racist Senate Bill 1070, and is almost universally despised by Latinos and pro-immigration advocates. So when you call him in to instruct the troops, you know exactly what you're getting for your $300 per hour.

Speaking of Kobach, check out this segment from Fox 4 News in Kansas City, Missouri, reporting on a peaceful demonstration outside Kobach's home.

Kobach wasn't in, but if he had been, instead of going out and talking to the protesters, he suggests that he would have used his Second Amendment rights to, I guess, shoot someone.

A real sweetheart, that Kobach. Who better to instruct law enforcement than a trigger-happy, nativist goon like him?