Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's Worst Nightmare: A Democrat Willing To Fight Like Hell

The man who shot Liberty Valance? Close. The man who's taking on Pearce in LD18

I'll have more to say about Democrat Andrew Sherwood later this week, but here's a preview.

Sherwood's going toe-to-toe with neo-Nazi-hugging, Republican state Senator Russell Pearce in Legislative District 18. That is, he would be going toe-to-toe with him if Pearce was man enough to show up to any of the candidate forums Sherwood's been at.

The word is, folks hate Pearce's guts in Mesa and would love to be rid of him. Which may be why you never see him at events down there. It's so much easier to hole up at the legislature and bash Mexicans, you see.

Current Democratic House Assistant Minority Leader Kyrsten Sinema recently sent out a fundraising e-mail with the header, "I have four terrifying words for you: Senate President Russell Pearce."

I completely agree. In response, I challenge Sinema to kick off the chunky heels for a change, strap on some sneakers and get down to Mesa to help Sherwood make the case that Pearce needs to go. What's she got to lose besides a few calories burned off in the process?

Think Sherwood's a longshot? So what? Can you imagine the fear engendered in that potato-head Pearce should a passel of Dems show up in his back yard to campaign against him?

Moreover, Sherwood makes a good case against 1070, and against Pearce. Check out the piece he wrote for an East Valley Tribune blog, "Russell Pearce's Record of Failure."

As for an alternative to 1070, he supports the plan proffered by Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, which is far more sane that Pearce's breathing while brown law. You can read about it, here.

Would you rather fight for Sherwood, or whine about it when Pearce becomes Senate prez? Raising cash is cool, Kyrsten. I just wonder how much of it's going to help our man Sherwood.