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Joe Arpaio Foe Rebecca Jimenez Leads in Guadalupe Mayoral Race (w/Update: Jimenez the Winner)

Please see update below.

Former Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez's camp is partying tonight, celebrating what they believe may be a win over incumbent town Mayor Yolanda Solarez.

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Currently, Jimenez leads Solarez in Tuesday's runoff election in the square-mile burg by 85 votes, 330 to Solarez's 245.

The tabulation is not final, and Maricopa County Elections Director Karen Osborne says she will not know how many provisional and early ballots remain to be counted till tomorrow.

"Everyone here is elated," Jimenez said this evening when I called for comment. "But you know me, I still want to see the final results."

A prudent answer, seeing that the town's March primary initially had Jimenez up by 21 votes, but after the provisionals were counted the next day, Solarez led by five votes.

Nor was Mayor Solarez in any mood to concede.

"I'd say it's like the last time," she stated, referring to the initial primary results. "You never know."