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Russell Pearce's Rival Bob Worsley Endorsed by Mesa Mayor Scott Smith

The campaign of Legislative District 25 state Senate hopeful Bob Worsley today announced a major endorsement, that of Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, a GOPer many consider a future contender for Governor of Sand Land.

"I have known Bob Worsley for over 30 years," Smith states in the press release, which you can read in full below. "I have worked with him and been his partner in business. Because of this, I know Bob is the right person to represent Mesa in the Arizona Senate. Rarely do you find a candidate like Bob who has extensive real world business experience and leadership skills."

Worsley, of course, is running against 12-point-loser, ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, who represents the wackjob wing of the Arizona Republican Party, as exemplified by the Red Mountain Tea Party, where human Kool-Aid-dispenser Randy Hatch holds sway.

Hatch presides over regular, cult-like Pearce-worshippin' soirees at a charter school's auditorium in Legislative District 16. You know, outside of Pearce's district. Pearce was there Monday night to ask for help in soliciting signatures to place his name on the ballot.

During Hatch's slavish intro to Pearce that evening, Hatch dished out standard pro-Pearce propaganda, blaming everything on the godless lefties and hailing Pearce as the Iron Man of the far right. (Though, now that I think of it, "The Thing," aka, Ben Grimm, might be more a more appropriate comic-book comparison.)

But that's among Hatch's fellow crazies. Smith, however, is representative of the non-crazy, pro-business wing of the state GOP, and is generally liked by all, moderates and uber-conservatives alike. His endorsement is huge, and signals the beginning of the end for any hopes Pearce had of making a comeback.

Randy Hatch is remaining in the bunker with Herr Pearce

As I noted in my previous blog about Worsley's latest video, Pearce would have been better off gettin' out while the gettin' was good. At least he could have saved some face. Now he's peeking down the barrel of yet another double-digit loss to a fellow tusker.