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David Irving's Holocaust Denial Wing-Ding YouTubed by Dennis Gilman (w/Update)

Gilman's vid, reposted by naui...

As I mentioned in my blog post Monday on British Holocaust denier David Irving's recent book signing party at Jerry's Restaurant, Phoenix videographer Dennis Gilman was present and covered the local anarchist protest of the event. I promised to post his video when it was ready, so here it is, with a caveat: Obviously not everyone smoking outside a greasy spoon while a Holocaust denier speaks inside is a neo-Nazi or hates the Jews. In fact, as I observed in the Monday post, some of those who got into the Irving thing on Friday were just curious, and at least one acted as a spy for me. So keep that in mind as you watch.

Update on Gilman's video, and Zak's comments (July 17, 2009): Dennis Gilman pulled his video of the David Irving book signing at Jerry's Restaurant because he received a notice of complaint from YouTube. Based on the complaint, I'm willing to bet it came from Laine Lawless, but I can't be sure. In any case, the world-famous nauiocelotl from California reposted it to his site, and I have added the embed above. In addition, I'm posting this old vid of Laine burning the Mexican flag in front of the Mexican consulate in Phoenix. Enjoy!

Regarding Zak's comments below about the broken window at Los Ninos hospital next to Jerry's, I called the hospital and spoke with the head nurse Jennifer, who declined to give her last name. She told me that another nurse discovered a broken window facing Jerry's on the Sunday after the book signing, which was last Friday night. She said they have no idea who broke the window, and that it obviously didn't wake any children because they didn't even notice it until a nurse went to open it. Jennifer observed that the area of town Los Ninos and Jerry's are in are not the safest, so it could have been a gang member, or anyone rolling through Jerry's parking lot.

Laine Lawless in her flag-burning days

In any case, that's the score directly from the hospital. I don't know who broke Los Ninos' window, but I kind of doubt it was the anarchists, because their anger was directed more towards Jerry's. What would they get out of breaking a window next to business they were ticked at?