Feathered Bastard

Endorsements Stack Up for Lisa James vs. Randy Pullen as GOP State Chair Race Ignites


Fresh and forward looking Lisa James (top), or whithered old nativist prune-face Randy Pullen? AZ GOPers will soon get to decide...

I'll say one thing for Arizona Republicans, when they want someone gone, they get their long knives sharpened and start digging holes in the desert, Mafia style. Sheesh, the way it's going now, with relative moderate Lisa James picking up endorsements faster than state GOP chair Randy Pullen can spit the word "anchor baby," Pullen might be burned at the stake, and his ashes scattered to the four winds by the time the pachyderms' big state meeting happens this weekend.

You could call this roll, "Sweet Baby James' Revenge," as James is looking like she may just don her Wonder Woman suit and exact some payback for Pullen's razor thin defeat of James back in 2007. In 2007, Pullen pulled out a victory by a mere four votes, Pullen being from the wacky hillbilly wing of the party. You know, the one that believes anyone with a tan is suspect of being an MMP (Mexican Minus Papers). James is from the supposedly more prudent George W. Bush, John McCain we-like-money-a-lot wing. Otherwise known as a the "non-crazies."

That's why Randy Pullen's big endorsement so far is from neo-Nazi hugger and white supremacist e-mail forwarder state Sen. Russell Pearce. But get this, James has picked up nods in recent days from State Treasurer Dean Martin, U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, state Senate Prez Bob Burns, and state House Speaker Kirk Adams (these last two according to a recent report in the Capitol Times). It's looking like Pullen may wanna renew his country club membership, as he'll be having plenty o' time to work on his golf game.

On the other hand, the toothless hordes of Republiloon Messican loathers, aka, the grass roots of the AZ GOP, will be representin' to support their fellow nativist Pullen, so who knows? Maybe the state GOP likes the darkness of Russell Pearce's Mesa cave, and won't wanna come out. It's so warm in there. And Randy tells terrific bedtime stories 'round the communal fire.