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Porn Star Stormy Daniels Talks About Senate Run Against Louisiana's David Vitter

Porn star and possible politician with fringe benefits, Wicked Pictures contract girl Stormy Daniels, was in Phoenix last week, feature dancing at Le Girls Cabaret. Sadly, I missed her performance. In another life, I interviewed the voluptuous Louisiana native for a feature called "Cooking with the Porn Stars" for the now-defunct graffiti and pop culture mag While You Were Sleeping. (I wrote for WYWS under the pen name "Jelly.") Can't recall exactly what Stormy made for that photo session, but I think it was something Cajun, like red beans and rice, or jambalaya.

In any case, though I crapped out on Daniels' visit, blogger and video hound Max Blumenthal scored a YouTube interview with Daniels while she was staying at Phoenix's Crowne Plaza hotel. (I just saw it posted on Democratic Underground.) The stunning half-Irish, half-Cherokee blonde is considering running against embattled Louisiana Senator David Vitter in the 2010 Republican primary. Vitter, as you will recall, is the conservative Christian moralist who was revealed in 2007 to have been a patron of the late "DC Madam" Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Not unlike PHX's "Baby Man" William Windsor, who was found dead in his home recently, Vitter's said to have had a thing for diapers, which explains one of Daniels' possible campaign slogans for herself: "Stormy Daniels -- At Least I Don't Wear Diapers." Some of the others she and Blumethal discuss are, "Stormy Daniels --Screwing People Honestly," "Whipping Louisiana's Economy into Shape" (as she wears an S&M getup in the accompanying picture), and finally, "She's Got the Best Stimulus Package." 

Actually, the speculation all began with a fan site called DraftStormy.com, but there have since been some serious news stories analyzing her potential challenge in earnest. Hell, why not? Everyone knows all politicians are whores, but at least Stormy's upfront about getting paid to perform. Plus, we're talking about Louisiana, home of outre politicians such as Edwin Edwards and Huey Long. In that august league, could Senator Stormy be that far fetched?