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Joe Arpaio Recall: 14 Days Left, a New Dennis Gilman Video

Citizens for a Better Arizona president Randy Parraz makes two very important points in this new video from Dennis Gilman.

The first has to do with what is possible.

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"I assure you right now," he tells recall supporters during a recent meeting at the Wright House in Mesa. "And we've talked about this before, there are 335,317 people that currently are registered to vote, that live in Maricopa County, that don't support Sheriff Arpaio.

"That is a fact. Our challenge is, are we going to be able to get to them...to make this happen?"

Of course, 335,317 is the number of valid pro-recall signatures that must be turned into Maricopa County Elections by May 30 for the recall committee Respect Arizona to meet its goal.

As Parraz indicates, it remains doable. In the 2012 general election, Arpaio's Democratic rival Paul Penzone scored nearly 600,000 votes to Arpaio's almost 680,000. Interestingly, independent Mike Stauffer polled about 62,000.

Percentages aside, Penzone's was a gap that could have been made up.

But past is prologue. The recall has 14 days remaining. And though Respect Arizona has recently scored enough in contributions to revivify the paid petition campaign, only a combined campaign of energized volunteers and the paid effort will get Respect Arizona over the hump.

Lilia Alvarez, Respect Arizona's campaign manager, is not revealing the number of signatures that she has in-house at this moment. Back on April 22, Respect Arizona announced it had 200,359 valid signatures.

This could be a historic moment, one that will "change the trajectory" of politics in Arizona, as Parraz says. Yet, I fear complacency is our greatest enemy.

There are shenanigans being perpetrated by the Arpaio camp. Chad Willems has his "shadow army" of rednecks and alter kockers regularly harassing the Respect Arizona folks as they try to score sigs in public spaces. Also, Willems has a pseudo-petition circulating, an anti-recall petition that has zero legitimacy, but, I believe, is intended to confuse people.

Otherwise, Arpaio is infrequently seen, which may be a result of his health, or could be a wise strategy on Willems' part to keep his candidate's head down, and hopefully avoid any mistakes that would give advantage to Respect Arizona.

What's left then is for all those who oppose Arpaio -- Democrat, Republican or neither -- to act, to make sure those 335,317 valid sigs are secured by May 30.

Otherwise, we'll just be forced to sit back and watch a doddering Arpaio expire ever so slowly of old age, while retaining his clammy grip on power.