Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio's Nemesis Rebecca Jimenez, Guadalupe's Once and Perhaps Future Mayor

Rebecca Jimenez's campaign video, produced by Dennis Gilman

Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have one foot in the grave (we hope) due to his "broken arm," but one of his enemies from not too long ago is alive and well and running for mayor of the unique little town of Guadalupe.

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I'm speaking of Rebecca Jimenez, one of the bravest and best persons I've ever met in Arizona. Jimenez was mayor of Guadalupe during the MCSO's infamous immigration "sweep" of that square-mile burg in 2008.

Arpaio's deputies -- usually no more than two at time -- provide law enforcement services for the town. But in April of that year, Arpaio turned Guadalupe into a mini-police state, having his boys and girls in beige stop cars on the pretext of minor traffic offenses in order to question people about their immigration status.