Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Visits the Wells Fargo Protesters, Suffers a Senior Moment.

Arpaio has a senior moment in this footage from yesterday's Wells Fargo protests. C'mon, Joe, you know who The Bird is...

Sal Reza and his merry band of anti-Arpaio protesters scored this hi-larious footage yesterday of our corrupt top constable paying a visit to the protests taking place every day outside of the Wells Fargo bank building, where Arpaio keeps his executive offices. Arpaio claimed he contacted Wells Fargo offices in other parts of the country like San Fran and Chicago where there have been demonstrations in solidarity with the Phoenix action. He told Reza those offices didn't know of any protests, but Reza told him to check out the blog you're reading, where video from the San Fran action has been up since Monday.

(Actually, Wells Fargo is well aware of the San Francisco protest last week. According to a report by Free Speech Radio News, a representative from Wells Fargo did speak with the San Fran activists during that demonstration. Listen for yourself, here.)

Initially, Arpaio feigned ignorance of this feathered beast, but then admitted that he sees me all the time. (Heh. Reckon that means I'm on the enemies list.) Arpaio gets testy towards the end when he's challenged about his now-infamous comment to CNN's Lou Dobbs that it was an "honor" to be referred to as a Klan member by detractors. Dennis Gilman, who edited the footage, added a clip from Arpaio on the Dobbs show to drive home the point.

The thing I don't understand is why does Arpaio need his own personal Praetorian Guard just to go to lunch down the street? (Presumably this is where he was headed when the video was shot.) I mean, if he's the toughest sheriff in America, can't he go to the john without a contingent of linebacker-size bodyguards?

The Phoenix Wells Fargo protests are now in their fourth week, with demonstrators from Reza's group PUENTE taking to the sidewalk in front of 100 West Washington Street every weekday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Their aim: To force Wells Fargo to evict Arpaio from the two floors his upper echelon occupies in the posh pad. Might sound like a long shot, but there's no doubt the effort is growing. Today, another sympathy protest is taking place at a Wells Fargo in El Paso, Texas.

Gilman's been producing a video diary of each week of the siege. Below is his latest, documenting week three of the effort. Love the tunes from the Scottsdale punk/rock group Stood Up Shot Down. Catch more from the Michael Moore of the local immigrant rights movement at his YouTube site Humanleague002.

The latest from Gilman: Week three of the siege of Wells Fargo.