Feathered Bastard

Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz's Body Circled by Nativist Buzzards

The nativists are a parasitic lot. They gloat when someone is murdered by an "illegal immigrant," or any kind of immigrant, actually.

In the Boston bombings, they made a feast of the two brothers, the alleged terrorists: one a naturalized U.S. citizen, the other granted asylum.

Suddenly, the brothers Tsarnaev became Chechen-born poster boys for those opposed to comprehensive immigration reform, the reason why the 11 million to 12 million who pass background checks, pay a fine, and jump through 13 years of hoops to become citizens under the Gang of Eight's plan should be sent packing instead.

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Now, there's the suggestion that the person who may have been driving that green SUV that hit and killed Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz might be in the country illegally.

We don't know for certain, yet. We may know soon. The owner of the vehicle, Jesus Molina, has been arrested on unrelated charges.

For the haters, it's time to get the lynch mob fired up. They can't get to Molina, but rhetorically, at least, they'll lynch all of the undocumented and likely throw in all other recent arrivals -- as well as all Hispanics -- while they're at it.