Feathered Bastard

9/11 troofers take to the skies; an anti-troofer's genius video punking Blair Gadsby; the New York D.A.'s criminal complaint against German Talis; and a response to Enrique.

9/11 hunger artist Blair Gadsby and Republiloon Karen Johnson, pictured conferring outside the offices of U.S. Senator John McCain on hungry4truth.com.

Look, up in the sky. It's a black helicopter. No it's a drone aircraft piloted by a Mossad agent. Bzzzt. Wrong again, false flag-boy, it's TROOFER MAN! And he'll be winging your way late this afternoon, dragging a banner supporting hunger striker and wannabe-PhD candidate Blair Gadsby. Check this mini-news release sent out yesterday by the not-so-great Gadsby's supporters:

Day 11 !! http://hungry4truth.com/

Come to McCain's Office at 5 pm on Friday to see the Aerial Banner ...... 16th St & Missouri (SE) .... The Banner will come from Glendale Airport to McCain's office, then to Downtown Phoenix, I-10 and I-17 and back to Glendale Airport (approx 2 hrs) This should be a good Photo Opportunity so bring your camera and some water for Blair !!!

5 pm Friday (June 6th) ......... Aerial Banner to read .......

Google Hunger Strike for 9/11 Truth

Hopefully, it'll be a rent-a-pilot in that Sopwith Camel. The idea of a troofer flying a plane nearby an office building with a presidential candidate's office in it doesn't sit well. Of course, you'd think they'd wait till the next anniversary of 9/11 to pull a real jihad move.

Wonder if the plane will be emitting any poisonous "chemtrails," one of the more popular fantasies of the 9/11 nutbar crowd? No worries. "Chemtrails" are only from jets, right? Jets flown by members of the Freemasons, the Illuminati, and/or David Icke's Lizard People...

Some have suggested that Senator John McCain should offer to meet with the now-bony Blair for like five minutes. To which, I say, HELL NO, DON'T DO IT! If Gadsby was doing a similar hunger strike asking for two hours to prove that there are 40 invisible elves dancing on the head of every needle made, would McCain meet with him? Uh, no. He'd write Gadsby off as a lunatic. This 9/11 hunger hullabaloo is just as wack.

My prediction is that Gadsby will inevitably faint from lack of food, and will have to be rushed to the hospital. Should he expire at some point, the moonhowlin' troofer idgits will blame McCain, and that's when the Secret Service best be watching these nuts closely, lest one go Taxi Driver on McCain's ass.

Never mind that this tard wannabe-PhD is starving himself and must suffer the consequences of his decisions. That is, unless he really is 100 percent Fruit Loops, and needs to be committed for his own safety.

PS: Just saw this hi-larious video posted to the Screw Loose Change Web site. Blair's wife sounds like a real [maybe the b-word was too harsh, so I'll say] witch. Hey, if you don't want the ridicule, lady, don't let your hubby make a freakin' international idiot of himself. It's that simple.

UPDATE: For those following the whole debate begun in my last post, where I referenced wack-job troofer German Talis, I today obtained a copy of the New York D.A.'s complaint against Talis, which you can read for yourselves, here.

Talis is the guy who allegedly smacked a wheelchair bound 18-year-old with cerebral palsy on April 22 at an event with First Lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna outside the 92nd Street Y. Some in the troofer crowd maintain the guy's innocence. And poster Gabe has asserted that it's all "right-wing propaganda." But having confronted troofers over their collective moonbattery in the past and noted their aggro b.s. in person, the D.A.'s report rings true.

Bottom line: Talis was charged with assault, and Maureen Levetro, the girl with cerebral palsy, is mentioned in the complaint as having been struck "in the leg with the defendant's closed fist."

Nonviolence my fat ass.

Finally, regarding Enrique's post below, I should point out that most lefties can agree on certain things regarding the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. Sure, the Bushies lied to get us into the war with Iraq. One only need look at books from former administration insiders such as Richard Clarke, Scott McClellan and others to understand the truth of this.

On the other hand, al-Qaeda exists and has done terrible things to this country. I agreed with a response to 9/11, and I still believe going into Afghanistan was the right thing to do, seeing that al-Qaeda was based there and was being protected by the Taliban. But America and its allies never followed through in Afghanistan, as should have been done. That region requires far more assistance than we've given it. Rather, the Bush folks opted for a diversion, arguing that Saddam Hussein had WMDs that he never had. They used the specter of what had transpired on 9/11 to scare us into an invasion of Iraq. This was a colossal mistake, and we have paid dearly with the lives of our countrymen.

Does this mean that I accept the premise that the Bush administration was behind 9/11? Uh, no. There is no evidence of this insanity, anywhere.

As for my remark to your chickenshit friend who would not give me his name because he's so paranoid that he believes that someone -- who knows who -- is gonna come get him, I was basically making fun of him, telling him the "man" has bigger fish to fry. It's called sarcasm, Enrique. Look it up.

Nonetheless, I think the authorities should be concerned about a loony, cult-like fringe element that is delusional, accepts anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers into its ranks, and is often enraged to the point of violence. You and your troofer pals are convinced of your own righteousness. You have a religion -- the cult of the 9/11 conspiracy. I don't accept it, and I have zero respect for it. It is not based on facts, just freakazoid fantasies.

Finally, you should know that whatever demo you show up at wearing your 9/11 T-shirts is immediately tainted. You are regarded, except by each other, as total moonbats. Rightfully so. We have freedom of speech in this country. So, while you are certainly welcome to state utter absurdities and demand that they be taken seriously, I also have the freedom to show just how lunatic those absurdities are.

I write about troofers because I want to. The comments of 9/11 nuts like "Todd Stallion" and others are welcome. It is through such unhinged diatribes that you troofers make yourselves look far more ridiculous than I ever could.