Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce Fundraiser Scrapped by Macayo's, Oaxaca's...(w/Update)

Seems there's there's no room at the posada for former state Senate President Russell Pearce.

Yesterday, I gave you a rundown of the nativist goons set to appear at Macayo's Mexican Restaurant on Central Avenue tonight for a fundraiser to benefit Pearce, a veritable who's who of anti-Mexican bigots in the Arizona Legislature, who worship every boil that appears on Pearce's gnarly noggin. 

But when Latino consumers and activists got wind of it, la lucha was on, with some activist groups calling for a boycott of Macayo's, while others promised protests at the haters' picnic, scheduled to occur from 4:30 to 7 P.M.

Once Macayo's learned that demonstrators would be ringing their building and Latinos were ticked that their tormentor-in-chief, the author of Arizona Senate Bill 1070, Sand Land's breathing-while-brown statute, would be bellying up to Macayo's table for a big ol' plate o' carne asada, Macayo's canceled the event. 

Emily Lamar in Macayo's marketing department confirmed the cancellation, promising that a statement from the company's CEO would be forthcoming.

"We're in the food business," Lamar explained, "not [the] politics [business]."

(She also promised that the event was not being held at one of the other Macayo's around town.)

So the Pearce camp went shopping for another cocina to invade, and decided upon the venerable Oaxaca Restaurante y Cantina on Van Buren in the heart of Phoenix. 

Pearce even sent out the e-mail below informing his pals of the new locale, but when Oaxaca's management discovered what was in the works, it closed Pearce down faster than you can say "racial profiling."