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Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce-Inspired License Plates, a Few Suggestions

The Cronkite News Service's Rebekah Zemansky recently reported on efforts by several legislators to add more specialized license plates to Arizona's already vast selection.

Currently, you can pick a plate to show your support for the Arizona Cardinals or declare your membership in a Masonic Fraternity. You can purchase a plate memorializing fallen police officers or increasing awareness of breast cancer, among many others.

To these, legislators of both parties want sundry others added, such as one regarding multiple sclerosis, another honoring women vets, a plate declaring Sand Land's 2012 centennial, one pimping professional hockey, and a design promoting the phrase, "In God We Trust." 

Most notable of those mentioned is from Republican state Senator Don Shooter of Yuma, who wants a plate modeled on the adopted flag of the Tea Baggers -- the Gadsden flag. That's the yellow one from the Revolutionary War with the snake and the admonition, "Don't Tread on Me."

(Note: My colleague James King has previously opined on the Tea Bagger plate, here, and, here.)

This got me thinking, of course, that perhaps we need some license plates that truly represent the spirit of Arizona, as it is currently run by the likes of state Senate President Russell Pearce, Governor Jan Brewer, and all the rest.

Some of these below are a bit obvious. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

1) We've Got Headless Bodies in the Desert! (with an illo of a bleached human skull and attendant vulture)

2) The Dry Hate State

3) Pearce Country: Where the White Man Rules

4) Down on the Brown, 'Specially Them Messcans (hooded Klansman in the background) 

5) We Have Did It! We're 100! (for the centennial, with a pic of the Governor))

6) Bullets Before Transplants

7) Public Edumacation? Who Needs It?

8) Arizona: More Guns Than Teeth

9)  Prisons for Profit Rock! (sponsored by CCA)

10) The Grand Canyon of Corruption

11) States Rights Trump Civil Rights

12) Nuttier Than a Pecan Pie (with a pic of the state Capitol)